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Life Lately

November 14, 2016 , In: Lifestyle , With: No Comments

Life lately has been quite the ride! I’ve been asked by so many people questions like, “How have you seen Stephen so much recently?!” or “Are you and Stephen living in the same place now?!” so I figured I’d provide an update on life lately with a few words here and there and of course, pictures.

The first two weeks of October were filled with nerves and excitement leading up to Drop Night (the day that everyone in the pilot training class finds out what plane they’ll fly in the Air Force). We had absolutely ZERO clue what plane anyone would be getting so the nerves were high. They all had a list in order of highest preference to lowest but so many things go into determining their plane that once again, no one has any idea what they’ll get. Stephen preferred to get some planes over others of course but when it really came down to it, he just wanted the number to start with the letter “F”. F = Fighter = Fast

At drop night (where nerves are at their peak and alcohol is flowing freely) each soon-to-be pilot individually sits on the stage while they get roasted for a couple of minutes. Then, the greatest moment happens… The plane that they’ll fly in the Air Force is put up on the screen that they’re sitting in front of. Essentially, these people sit on a stage in front of their significant others, family, friends, etc., get made fun of for a few minutes, and then have to turn around and find out in front of everyone what plane they’ll be flying for their career. You wonder why nerves are high? That is why.

Well… Stephen was selected to fly the F-16 and man do I wish I could bottle up that joy that was radiating through him. I’ve never seem him look so happy and so handsome.



Two days later we decided to play some foot golf (soccer ball + golf = foot golf) and I tore my hip flexor. Not fun, at all. But on the bright side, after three weeks of only rest, I was able to workout with minimal pain AND do the WODs prescribed this past week! WOO! So happy.

After two weeks of work, I headed back down to Mississippi for Stephen’s graduation. Luckily, I got to fly down there this time instead driving this time. His parents were also there so we had a really great time celebrating Stephen all day Friday and spending time together exploring on Saturday. Oh and Stephen was honored Top Gun along with another award for being one smaaaaaart cookie.








The best part was that after all of the celebrating was over we didn’t have to do our typical, “See you next time” routine and we got to spend a WHOLE WEEK together in Kentucky. 🙂

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The week together went by really quickly but we were just thankful to spend some more time together… and for Graeter’s Ice Cream. 🙂

Until next time!







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