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Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Review & GIVEAWAY!

June 30, 2016 , In: Food, Reviews , With: No Comments

Happy Thursday!

This post is super exciting for me because it is my first ever collaboration with a company that entails a giveaway! You might have seen Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bars on the shelves in the grocery store. I don’t know about you but they have recently started popping up all over me and I was so curious about them so I wanted to try them all and write a review in the process. Since I started dealing with Nature’s Bakery and tried all of their fig bars, this product is pretty much always on me (in my car, purse, backpack, etc).

Do any of you have those days when you’re working so much you forget to eat? I always thought that was crazy talk but now I completely understand. Usually when I realize I haven’t eaten all day and my own hand looks all too appealing to gnaw on, I grab the bar out of my bag and eat that first so that I don’t stuff my face with the nearest junk food. Sweet tooth? Get these… Trust me. Also, for all of my fellow athletes out there, this is one of my favorite snacks to consume before I lift, bike, and even run. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty…


I had the pleasure of receiving all of the stone ground whole wheat flavors (except I just found out they have a pumpkin spice… WHAT?!!!) so I figured the best way to tell you all about these would be to rank them. Before I get into that, let me mention that these fig bars contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors and flavors, they are soy free, dairy free, and cholesterol free and contain 0 trans fats. To be honest, none of that really matters to me at all and I would still eat these bars even if they didn’t check off all of these marks but hey they did and the product tastes great so high five to you, Nature’s Bakery!

From what I can tell, the “outside bar” portion of all of the fig bars is the same; the filling is the only thing that varies depending on the flavor. At first bite it is very easy to tell that the main ingredient is stone ground whole wheat flour (which it is). Some people might not like the flavor and texture characteristics (pretty much because most people aren’t used to it) that come along with whole wheat but I really like the flavor and ‘rustic’ texture that it adds. The bar is not too sweet at all and is chewy but more course than if the bar were to have contained all-purpose flour, for example. I wish that there was more filling and less ‘bar’ because I love the filling (especially lemon) so much but maybe that will change someday.


For the ranking I will state up front that this list has changed many, many times and it will probably change again someday but this is just my opinion at the moment. I honestly like every single one of them (even the original fig which I usually associate with old people because my Poppy and fig bars go together like peanut butter and jelly) but there are a few in particular that I really love. My ranking from most favorite to least favorite goes as follows:

1. Lemon (I just shed a tear when I realized the box was empty)
2. Peach Apricot
3. Mango
4. Strawberry
5. Raspberry
6. Blueberry
7. Original Fig
8. Apple Cinnamon (They remind me of an apple cinnamon bar my mom put in hundreds of my school lunches as a kid so that’s probably why it’s lower on my list… Not Nature’s Bakery’s fault!)

** If I had tried Pumpkin Spice I bet it would be up there around #1 or #2… I will be getting my hands on those soon, that’s for sure!

Now for the giveaway! Nature’s Bakery is so dang awesome that they’ve decided to give away five boxes of fig bars (flavors of the winners choosing)! This is how you enter-

1. Follow @naturesbakery and @jordyjeanfit
2. Comment on the fig bar photo on the @jordyjeanfit Instagram page with your friends’ names.

Each person tagged in the comments is an entry! You can comment multiple times if you wish! The giveaway will close this Saturday at 9 am EST and I will announce the winner on Saturday evening on the @jordyjeanfit Instagram.

If you have tried Nature’s Bakery products what is your favorite product/flavor? I would love to hear what you think!

I hope you all enjoyed this review and have a great Thursday!


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